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Poem Dialogue: Dag Hammarskjold

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Chris writes a response poem-prayer to Dag Hammarskjold’s Markings.

Dag Hammarskjold, Markings

Give us

A pure heart

That we may see Thee,

A humble heart

That we may hear Thee

A heart of Love

That we may serve Thee,

A heart of faith

That we may live Thee,


Whom I do not know

But Whose I am.


Whom I do not comprehend

But Who hast dedicated to me

To my fate.

Thou –

Christopher Chok, Imprints

Grant us

A still soul

That we may touch You,

A contrite soul

That we may feel You,

A soul of Peace

That we may see You,

A soul of Truth

That we may know You,


Whom I long to know

And Whose I’m loved.


Whom I search all day and night

Yet Who has loved me into being To this world.

Jesus –

© 2018 Christ Centered Convo/Christopher Chok

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