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Lent, 2020

Like the First Man we are cast out of Eden

and eastward driven. In this trackless waste

we grope for Sinai in gathering haste;

Unheeding, the world unrolls its season

of quickening Spring, and riotous blush of health.

But here we under a double hunger labour

forty nights—stripped of Heaven’s savour,

to endure the ache eternal in open stealth.

We wander witless in the borderland,

in halls of stone that ring with echoing space—

which once the bloodless slaughter did encase—

our penalty for careless heart and hand

that took the angel’s bread in dull contempt,

and bowing low before the laws of sense,

slew the Spirit by indifference.

This pilgrim people, unmoored and unkempt,

are only orphan children cast adrift,

or else are wailing Jews at crumbling walls.

But still the Master hangs in empty halls

and stays our ruin by His tender gift.

© 2020 Christ Centered Conversations/Jessica Goh

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