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Christ Centered Conversations was founded by Christopher, Garrett and Gregory, three young Catholic men living in Singapore.

The three of us were aware of the abundance of Western-centric articles pertaining to Catholicism today and noticed a corresponding lack of Southeast Asian and locally-inspired i.e. Singaporean ones. Therefore, this website aims to bridge that gap by sharing our faith journeys through extended reflections, casual musings, book-reviews and video-discussions. In doing so, Christ Centered Conversations aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Engage people, especially our fellow Catholics, in the discussion of God and Faith. We believe that everyone is seeking for something Greater. As Catholics, we articulate this desire as the search for God, the Lord of Truth and Love. Therefore, through a honest sharing of our faith experiences, we hope to invite people to journey alongside us, partake in the dialogue of God and Faith, and in doing so, seek the One whom we long for.

2. Empower the laity i.e. Catholics like us who do not belong to the clergy. We are grateful for our priests, nuns, and other religious who have so readily and selflessly laid down their lives for Christ, serving as beacons for us in our Faith. Accordingly, we also recognise the immense burden placed on them to be the sole earthly guides and shepherds for the people of God. Therefore, we believe that a motivated and empowered laity will be better able to work in tandem with the clergy, to build God’s Kingdom of love and justice on earth.

3. Enliven the local Catholic Church in Singapore. We believe that the Catholic Church in Singapore has a lot of good to contribute to our nation, just as how it has contributed to the nation’s educational and social needs in the past. Thus, we hope to encourage fellow Catholics to take greater ownership of their Faith, and to (re)discover the universal call to love and serve others, all in the name of He who loved us first (1 John 4:19).

After much prayer, discussion and communal discernment, we decided to launch the first iteration of this website on 1st of November 2017 – the Catholic feast of All Saints Day. As we set out on this exciting journey, we remember that we were never alone, and never will be. We intend to dedicate this website to all Saints, our brothers and sisters in Christ who have gone before us to our heavenly home, those brave souls who fearlessly engaged the world around them, allowed God to empower them and consequently others around them, and thus enlivened the times they lived in. After all, a Saint, in the end, is simply someone who has entered the Kingdom of Heaven, and we journey in the hope of one day joining their number!

Please pray for us as we pray for you!

This website is dedicated to All Saints and is under the patronage of Our Lady Star of the Sea, St. Francis Xavier, St. Francis de Sales and St. Catherine of Sienna. 

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